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NEW STRAINS: White Widow x Super Lemon Haze & Permafrost

We have a new strain on our menu this week, as well as a re-stock of Permafrost, one of our old favorites…

Super Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze) was the winner of the 2008 and 2009 Cannabis Cups and averages a whopping 22.9% THC level. This is a very citrus-like haze that works fast and lasts long. It is very balanced between a physical and a cerebral effect, and is medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation. White Widow (50% Sativa/50% Indica) is a very popular “white” strain, known for it’s unusually high density of trichomes. The genetic origins are Brazilian x South Indian, which results in a long lasting relaxing indica feeling that turns into a bursting sativa effect. This strain has won more awards than any other in history, and averages a THC level of 20-25%.


Permafrost is a Trainwreck x White Widow hybrid that has a very heavy effect that will sedate you and stimulate your appetite. This strain is named for it’s “frosted with crystals” appearance, and it has a nice, earthy, yet spicy taste to it. The buds and surrounding leaves are heavily covered in trichromes, the THC levels are high, and the effects are long-lasting. Permafrost is a great perscription for pain, appetite stimulation, and sedative effects.

For details, donation recommendations, photos, and more, visit the MedicalNW online store.

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