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Rick Simpson Oil, Bulk MMJ, New Strains, and More!

Happy Friday!

We have a couple product updates we’d like to tell you about today…

  • We now have Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil Cure in stock. ‘Rick Simpson’ cannabis oil, a concentrated extract of the cannabis plant, is believed by many to be the cure for cancer and the majority of serious human disease. Sounds crazy, right? ‘Rick Simpson’ cannabis oil is a cannabis extract developed by a man named Rick Simpson, although technically cannabis extracts have been around for thousands of years. However, it was Simpson who discovered just how much medicinal potential hemp oil has, making it the premier type of hemp medicine.In 2002, Rick Simpson put hemp oil he had made, which he originally concocted for treating himself with post-concussion syndrome, on two patches of skin cancer on his face and chest. He tried this because he had heard reports of THC, the main ingredient of cannabis, killing cancer cells. In four days, the skin cancer was gone. Rick went on to try hemp oil on internal cancers, and found hemp oil to be effective in curing those as well. It didn’t stop at cancer. People started coming to Rick for all kinds of problems, from diabetes to MS. Rick has found that hemp oil can cure or control practically any disease, with no side effects. Even if you are not sick, hemp oil can revitalize the body and prevent disease. If you are in need of this amazing miracle potion, please place an order ASAP – It’s going fast! Recommended donation is $30/gram or $600 for a full month supply (assuming a 1/gram daily dosage).
  • We once again have access to bulk MMJ for providers, access points, or people who just want to stock up. This is available in multiple high quality strains. Minimum order is one (1) half-pound. If you are interested in discussing details, email or text us for more info.
  • We have access to several new strains, in limited quantities, for personal amounts. We will make every attempt to keep our menu updated on our website, but as these new limited release strains come and go, occasionally we may not get a chance to list a product before it’s gone, or may run out before we get a chance to remove it from the menu. For up to the minute availability updates, feel free to text or email us with any questions.

To take advantage of any of these offers, place your order at the MedicalNW online store or you can text (206 659 7041), or email us as well, at your convenience.

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